Principal's message

Newton International School West Bay is now the school of choice for hundreds of families. Why is that? It is because NIS West Bay has pride in presenting an encompassing learning environment that is coupled with a warm, friendly family atmosphere. The staff at the school are committed to creating the best possible learning opportunities for all of our students. That’s what makes NIS West Bay special! As Principal of West Bay I am delighted to lead a team of dedicated professionals from across the world, who are engaged in producing a British curriculum that will allow our students to flourish. Our program is challenging but balanced within a safe, nurturing environment. We aim to extend the knowledge of our students, to develop their skills, to make them passionate about learning for now and into the future. Our staff are also committed to ensuring each student becomes confident in an immersion English language environment. That is why we are special! But learning is only achieved because the teaching team at West Bay has high expectations of the students’ behavior. This comes from the core values of responsibility, pursuit of excellence, social justice, respect and cooperation. We want our students to enjoy school. We also want them to feel excited about their learning and to know that their aspirations and hopes are dear to the hearts of their teachers. But this can only happen in a disciplined environment. That’s why West Bay has dedicated classroom reward programs for good behavior plus playground positive “Posi” awards for encouraging our students to care for the school. Over the years that I have worked at Newton International School West Bay there have been many changes. But the fundamental goal of our school has never changed. Dedicated to the vision of the school’s founders, Dr. Jabr AlNoaimi and Mrs. Afaf AlMoadhadi, we want to provide quality teaching and a caring approach that enables each child to be supported to achieve their full learning potential. Parents are welcome at West Bay. We want you- as the first teachers of your child – to join us in supporting the students at West Bay as they venture along their lifelong learning journey. When you enter our school you will find a place where each child is known, supported, valued and inspired to reach their full potential.

Kind regards and shukran

Gordon Bain